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Human Rights Activists Demand to Review Case of EXPO 2017 Manager's Son

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Maksat Ussenov. Photo from social networks.Maksat Ussenov. Photo from social networks.Five pedestrians were hit and one was crushed to death in Almaty by Maksat Ussenov who was driving BMW X6 in a state of intoxication. Maksat Ussenov fled the scene, but was later detained by the police and put into custody, reports.

This incident with pedestrians’ hitting happened at night on December 1 at Kabanbay Batyr and Masanchi streets intersection. The drunken driver drove over the stone curb, knocked down metal fence and then hit six people who were standing on the pedestrian footwalk. One of the pedestrians died on the spot.

Nevertheless, Ussenov was released from custody due to conciliation of the parties and termination of the criminal case. In less than a year he will receive his driving license back when driving license depriving 2-year term will expire. To recall, Maksat Ussenov was deprived of his driving license on February 13, 2013 for drinking and driving.

Maksat Ussenov is the son of a senior official, the head of the national company “Expo – 2017”- Kazhymurat Ussenov.

Human rights activists in Kazakhstan wrote a petition, addressing the Chairman of Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, asking him to review this case. They state in the petition that this case is a pure act of injustice, corruption and harsh violation of human rights.

 “Our capital Astana has been chosen to host international exhibition “EXPO 2017” and Kazhymurat Ussenov, the head of National Company EXPO 2017 construction administration is the father of Maksat Ussenov, who is responsible for hitting and killing the pedestrians. He paid the fine and managed to escape the responsibility,”- reads the petition.

“EXPO 2017 is the event that is built on the bloods of our citizens! We call the international organizations and countries to boycott EXPO 2017, until this case is reviewed by the court and Kazhymurat Ussenov is relieved from his position!”- the petition states. Currently there are over 17 000 signatures under the petition. The target is to collect 100 000 signatures.

January 28 2014, 11:28

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