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“Can a China-Russia Axis Bankrupt the US?”, “Trou de Fer Gorge has the highest waterfall in the world”, “Pareto's Principle - The 80-20 Rule to help you be more effective”,“Egypt designates Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group”

1 148 просмотрs “Can a China-Russia Axis Bankrupt the US?” - Russia and China have studied the end of the Cold War and how the US ultimately defeated the USSR by bankrupting it. According to Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev, 2013 was“a year of harvest” for Sino-Russian relations. It was also a year of new lows for the countries’ relations with the West — and from the look of it, things could get worse in 2014. “Trou de Fer Gorge has the highest waterfall in the world” - Trou de Fer is one of the most spectacular sights of La Reunion, a French island lying some 650 km off Madagascar's east coast, close to Mauritius. It’s a gorge about a thousand feet deep between two cirques at the bottom of which flows the Bras de Caverne River. “Pareto's Principle - The 80-20 Rule to help you be more effective”-In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the wealth. In the late 1940s, Dr. Joseph M. Juran inaccurately attributed the 80/20 Rule to Pareto, calling it Pareto's Principle. While it may be misnamed, Pareto's Principle or Pareto's Law as it is sometimes called, can be a very effective tool to help you manage effectively. “Egypt designates Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group” - The Egyptian government intensified its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday, formally listing the group as a terrorist organization after accusing it of carrying out a suicide bomb attack on a police station that killed 16 people.

“Japan's Abe visits shrine for war dead, China, S.Korea angered” - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a shrine on Thursday that is seen by critics as a symbol of Tokyo's wartime aggression, infuriating China and South Korea and prompting concern from the United States about deteriorating ties between the North Asian neighbors. “The 20 Most Expensive Colleges In America” - The best educations can sometimes be the most expensive. It's common knowledge that college costs are on the rise. But you may be surprised to know that some schools currently charge over $60,000 to educate a student for just one year.



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