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Kazakhstan to construct two schools in Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyz premier Omurbek Babanov met again with Samruk-Kazyna head Umirzak ShukeyevKyrgyz premier Omurbek Babanov met again with Samruk-Kazyna head Umirzak ShukeyevKazakhstan is going to construct two schools in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz media source informed.

It was noted that today Deputies of the Majlis of the Kazakh Parliament approved a draft law “On ratification of agreement between Kazakh and Kyrgyz Governments”. The agreement was aimed at the construction of a school for 900 students in Osh province. Protocol amended the agreement – the number was increased up to two schools.

The Kyrgyz party allocates land plots in Bishkek of 2.49 hectares and in Osh – of 2.5 ha. The Kyrgyz party will also select a general contractor on construction of objects and will provide for development and legalizing of construction documents.

Schools will be constructed at the expense of Kazakh party. The Samruk-Kazyna Fund of National Welfare JSC allocates 1.28 billion KZT for the purpose.

December 18 2013, 18:24

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