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Resident of Almaty oblast, 76, sets Guinness World Record in kettlebell lifting

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Amirbai RyskulovAmirbai RyskulovA resident of Almaty oblast has set a world record and has been included into the Guinness Book of World Records. Amirbai Ryskulov, 76, lifted 10-kilogram kettlebell 750 times in 30 minutes, he told tengrinews

The kettlebell lifter set the record during the regular championship held in Arkhangelsk in late November 2013. But the 76-y.o. athlete received his Guinness certificate and medal only these days. 

His follower, 55-y.o. Zhumakhan Kuzbayev, also set a record in his weight category at the championship in Arkhangelsk. Akim (Mayor) of Taldykorgan city Yermek Alpysov personally congratulated the athletes.

Amirbai Ryskulov is a USSR Master of Sports and holder of 65 gold medals of international from World, Europe and Asia kettlebell lifting championships. He was awarded with theWinged Lion order in 2011. 

Amirbai graduated from Almaty-based Institute of Physical Culture and went in for Free-Style Wrestling.

Amirbai RyskulovAmirbai Ryskulov

December 16 2013, 20:40

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