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Storm Warning for the West and South Regions of Kazakhstan

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Storm warning due to possible weather deterioration on Wednesday and Thursday in the West and South regions of our Republic has been announced by Kazhydromet forecasters, reports.

On Wednesday, Dec 4, in Mangistau Oblast freezing rain and snow is predicted. Increase of northwester up to 22 m/sec and temperature drop down to -8 degrees C is expected.

On Thursday, Dec 5, in Kyzyl-Orda and South Kazakhstan Oblasts patchy freezing rain and snow are predicted. The increase of wester is up to 20m/sec. The temperature will drop down to -8 degrees C.

In Almaty Oblast the weather will be foggy. The wind near the lake Zhalanashkol will increase up to 28 m/sec.

In Atyrau, Kostanai and Pavlodar Oblasts snowstorm, icy ground and wind increase up to 22 m/sec is predicted.

The weather in Zhambyl Oblast will be foggy, the wind speed will increase up to 20 m/sec.

December 4 2013, 16:01

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