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Breast cancer 'worse' in young, black women. Why Russians Still Don't Hate Communism. The Wisdom Of The Nazis.

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BBC - Breast cancer 'worse' in young, black women - Young black women in the UK are more likely than their white counterparts to develop "worse" breast cancer with a poorer prognosis, research suggests.

World Politics Review - Ukraine’s Yanukovych Caught Between Russia and the European Union - Since assuming the presidency in early 2010, Victor Yanukovych has tried to pursue a balance between strengthening Ukraine’s integration with Europe and maintaining a positive relationship with Russia.

The National Interest - Why Russians Still Don't Hate Communism - Last week Russia’s Public Opinion Foundation released the results of a survey in which the respondents were asked to share their views of life in the former Soviet Union. Almost two-thirds of those interviewed viewed communism in a favorable light.

Kernel Magazine - Only Peru can save us from UFO TERROR - Even Iran and Russia have given up worrying about an extraterrestrial invasion. But Peru is holding fast against the Martian hordes, maintaining the only anti-UFO government department in the world.

The Strategy Page - The Wisdom Of The Nazis - Just like Nazi Germany did in the 1930s, American movie makers are pressured to keep things out of movies that make China look bad.

The Guardian - Russian 'borderisation': barricades erected in Georgia, say EU monitors - The nearest checkpoint is miles away and difficult to cross. Getting to her own back garden would entail Bidzinashvili making a six-hour round trip each day. The house itself is uninhabitable – it was bombed during the war, and the family are living six to a room in the former local school, now a shelter for people who lost their homes. Their last hope was the orchard, and now that has gone too.

Daily Mail - Joker accidentally hanged himself when he tried to ‘play dead’ in a bizarre prank on his wife - Mrs Hayles, who was married to her electrician husband for 18 years, said: 'We were relieved when the coroner ruled Victor’s death was an accident.


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