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Xi proposes reviving Silk Road glory. JFK assassination: New film tells a different story.

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Global Times - Xi proposes reviving Silk Road glory - The tour was highlighted on Saturday during a speech at Nazarbayev University in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, in which Xi proposed that China and Central Asia build a Silk Road economic belt to revive trade and exchange on the ancient route.

The Diplomat - Tightening the Silk Road Belt - China’s interest in Central Asia is primarily a selfish one. This is not unusual in national interests: foreign policy is naturally focused on self-interest. But with China in Central Asia, the key role of Xinjiang distinguishes it from China’s relations with other parts of the world. For Beijing, Central Asian policy aims at both increasing China’s connectivity to Europe and the Middle East as well as reaping the benefits of the region’s rich natural resources, but also about helping foster development and therefore long-term stability in Xinjiang. A province periodically wracked by internal violence and instability, Beijing has quite clearly made the calculation that to stabilize the province, more economic development should be encouraged.

BBC - JFK assassination: New film tells a different story - It was a murder that shook America – and became a rich source for debate, conspiracy theories and artistic interpretation. As the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s shooting draws near, a new film about the tragic events, called Parkland, is being released.

Deutsche Welle - Israeli hospital treats injured Syrians - A hospital in northern Israel is treating victims of the Syrian war. The cross-border operation is risky - both countries are officially in a state of war.

September 19 2013, 17:36

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