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Central Asians Comment On China's Growing Presence In Their Region. Is Great Britain really a 'small island'?

September 17 2013, 17:12

RFE - Central Asians Comment On China's Growing Presence In Their Region - Concern among Central Asians about Chinese influence in their counties occasionally come to the fore; for example, during protests over local jobs taken by Chinese. But an informal poll taken by RFE/RL in the wake of Chinese President Xi Jinping's whirlwind tour of the region reveals that the average citizen generally accepts Beijing's economic and cultural presence in Central Asia.

International Affairs Review - Russia’s Customs Union is the Wrong Turn for Central Asia - A Eurasian Union dominated by Russia is not a healthy path to economic modernization for former Soviet states.

BBC - Is Great Britain really a 'small island'? - A Russian official referred last week to Great Britain as "a small island to which no-one pays any attention". PM David Cameron responded by challenging anyone to name a country with a "prouder history, with a bigger heart, with a greater resilience". But he conceded that the UK was a "small group of islands". Is it?

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