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NCOC pays for 179 dead seagulls

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

Late June, 1250 dead birds, mainly seagulls, were discovered at the Shalyga island in the Caspian Sea (see “Massive bird kill spotted in Caspian”).

According to Mereke Shalkarov, the state inspector of the Atyrau oblast territorial inspection of forestry and hunting sector, no link between bird kill and oil operations in the sea was established.

Experts from Astana veterinary institute who went to Shalyga island, could not identify the reasons for birds’ death.

At the time, the incident was investigated by experts from the republican institute of microbiology.

Early examinations showed that birds were infected with some virus and to identify the virus further laboratory studies were required.

For the moment, no news have arrived from tests conducted in Almaty.

Another 179 seagull carcasses were discovered at the artificial islands of Aktoty and Kairan during audits in June.

No doubt it was from a technogenic (man-made) reason experts say. Birds had been trapped to death in grids, pans and other metal structures.

As the result an environmental charge was brought against NCOC - 1,549,245 tenge, which the oil giant recently paid voluntarily.    

September 3 2013, 20:44

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