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Abandoned well leaks, has no owner

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

An oil spill covering 600 square meters near an ownerless abandoned well was discovered in the district of Kurmangazy, the west of Atyrau Oblast.

As reported by emergency situations agency of the district, Saryshagyl-4, where the spill has taken place, shares border with the Oktyabrskoye oilfield, in 10 kilometers to the south from the Aktobe-Astrakhan highway's 805th kilometer. 

Environmental inspector Kajigali Nauanov who examined the well identified it was drilled in '80s and later plugged.

At the moment it has no owner.

Environmentalists say they had been notifying relevant agencies of the greasy soil over three years.

The province's geology and subsoil use inspection had promised to list the Saryshagyl-4 well as a self-flowing one, but still hasn't done it, Mr Nauanov says.

A research made in 2010 shows there are 89 emergency wells registered in the oblast. Of them, 88 are located within contract areas of oil companies, but the Saryshagyl-4 one turned out to have no authority in charge.

"The Akberen well-kill service visited the place and witnessed the well is leaking indeed. Looked for owners, but failed to find. So, there is nobody to make contract with us. We can't work on such conditions," said acting director of Akberen Amandyk Daulbayev.

The oil is still pouring.


June 7 2013, 10:17

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