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Governor’s performance report

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Governor Baktykozha IzmukhambetovGovernor Baktykozha IzmukhambetovOn February 22, Atyrau Oblast Governor Baktykozha Izmukhambetov made a report on the results of socioeconomic development in 2012 and tasks for 2013.

There were no high-sounding words about achievements in the governor’s report. Indeed, there is nothing much to sing about. The volume of investments decreased by 6.7%, taxes and mandatory payments by 4%.

"Bergei Ryskaliyev [former governor] would increase the figures, and the February snow wouldn't have thawed, turning into mud marshes, if he still was governor," comments at our website would read.

But here neither a hero nor a wizard could help – volumes decreased, because main construction activities at Kashagan and Bolashak are over.

As for housing construction, the 2013 plan is to build 56,000 sq.m for people in the waiting list and young families within Affordable Housing-2020 program, as well as another 240 apartments for orphans. In Kulsary it is planned to build 5 apartment blocks, 2 housing blocks in Ganyushkino and Akkistau, 2 – in the village of Inder.

Only 54% of demand for kindergarten has been covered in the oblast (children from 1 to 6 years). In 2013 it is planned to start to construct 7 kindergartens at the expense of Republican budget (in Kokarna, Birlik, Ganyushkino, Makhambet village, Nursaya microregion, Privokzalny microregion and Zhana Karaton village). Another 8 kindergartens will be constructed with the sponsors’ funds: in Birlik, Turgyzba, Akkiiztogai, Shokpartogai, Kosshagyl, Zhana Karaton and Kulsary).

In 2013, TCO will build in Kulsary several infrastructure facilities, including a sports complex.

After the governor’s report all those who wished to ask him questions were given the opportunity. And again a burning question was asked about possible future of the unfinished facilities due to corruption scandals that stand idle along the highway to the airport.

- For example, the cost of sewer treatment facilities in Atyrau  is 8.7bn tenge. And the general contractor last year was paid 8.9bn tenge, though the general contractor completed work as per the estimate only for 1bn tenge. In Kulsary at the similar treatment facility from the total estimate of 900mln tenge the contractor received 800mln tenge, but the volume of completed work also doesn't correspond to the cost of the paid amount. As to the facilities that financed from the local budget, then for the construction of the concert and cinema hall in Atyrau it was allocated 1,5bn tenge, and out of that amount 1bn has already been paid. And no funds have been allocated in the estimate for the landscaping of adjacent territory. It means that for continuation of construction activities we need to find 3bn tenge. We still can't take back those facilities from the contractors because the matter is complicated with the ongoing investigation. But we are obligated to finish the construction of those facilities.

To the question about further prospects of development of fishing industry, about Atyrau Balyk's bankruptcy, the governor answered that all the proposals and decisions made during the latest visits of the government representatives will be carefully considered personally by the president in March this year. Then the decision will be made.

The chairman of regional association of business women Nurly Аitieva was interested whether large companies are planning to build in-house kindergartens. Currently, the only large company that has its own kindergarten is the Atyrau Refinery.

- Currently, large companies operating in oil and gas industry, on the contrary, are trying to get rid of their non-core assets. They don’t allocate funds for construction of kindergartens. But these companies make contributions within the framework of their social commitments. With their assistance this year we are planning to refurbish 17 kindergartens and build 26, out of those - 6 will be constructed this year.

A student of Khalel Dosmukhamedov University complained about difficulty of getting to Gabdol Slanov regional library, due to limited shuttle bus service. Governor Izmukhambetov assigned this task to the city mayor Serik Aidarbekov.

Businessman Zurab Bobokhidze asked the governor about verdurization and the governor's reply was the construction of one of two parks will start this year.

There were a few personal questions asked, including a request to allocate a housing out of waiting list:

- I have neither rights nor opportunities. The housing will be provided by waiting list strictly, he said to one of petitioners.

By the way, for the first time since appointment, deputy governor Salimzhan Nakpaev showed up at the event. In his new quality he has already held a meeting on installation of water metering devices and establishment of new mechanism of tariff setting. After the governor's report he received congratulations from his nomenclature colleagues.

By Laura Suleimenova

Photo: Kanat Eleuov

February 25 2013, 11:44

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