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Why Wasn’t There a Chinese Spring? Some Foreign Countries Make More Than 1 Great Film a Year. ‘Iran halted military nuke program for diplomacy’. Forget ‘Borat’ — D.C. exhibit shows the real Kazakhstan

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Reuters - UPDATE 1-Parker Drilling settles bribery charges, sees fourth-quarter loss - Parker Drilling Co said it reached a settlement with U.S. regulators investigating charges of bribery in Kazakhstan and Nigeria, and estimated a surprise loss for the fourth quarter.

The Diplomat - Why Wasn’t There a Chinese Spring? - Although sharing many of the same problems as Arab societies, the Arab Spring never arrived in Beijing. Why?

The Atlantic - Some Foreign Countries Make More Than 1 Great Film a Year - The weird nomination rules for the Best Foreign Language award continually shut out deserving movies like Rust and Bone and Holy Motors.

The Daily Mail - 'I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis': Shocking moment George Galloway storms out of Oxford University discussion because of student's nationality - Controversial Left-wing MP George Galloway shocked an Oxford University audience by refusing to debate with an opponent because he was Israeli.

To cries of ‘racism’, Mr Galloway picked up his coat and stormed out of the hall.

How Life Works - How to Get Huge Savings on your Grocery Bill - It's a rare family that's not on a food budget.  The family food shopper searches for any way possible to cut back on the amount of money spent on food.

The Washington Post - Obama needs a Plan B for Syria - If the past two years should have taught anything, it is that the Kremlin is unlikely to help the United States orchestrate Assad’s exit.

RIA Novosti - Yekaterinburg Marks 400 Years of Romanov Dynasty - Celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov House began on Thursday in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg, where the last Russian emperor and his family were executed in 1917, the press service of the local diocese said.

Xinhuanet - New CPC leadership's first 100 days renew world's expectation for China - Throughout these past 100 days, whether it was the talk of the "Chinese dream," or the determination to carry out reforms, fight corruption, and stick to the path of peaceful development, the world has watched closely for how the new Chinese leaders would steer the country's ship of state to an even brighter future.

Bloomberg - Ships Leaking $37 Billion Reflect Eisenhower’s Warning - Navy Secretary Ray Mabus confronted a tough choice in the competition to develop a small, speedy and adaptable ship to patrol close to shore in politically turbulent waters from the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea.

Russia Today - ‘Iran halted military nuke program for diplomacy’ - Iran halted its military nuclear plans due to diplomatic pressures when the US - posturing for war back in 2007 - claimed it was trying to develop a nuclear weapon, former chairman of the national intelligence council Thomas Fingar tells RT.

Iran and its nuclear program have been one of the top news stories in international media over the past year. Deep-seated tensions remain in the West, which suspects Tehran of developing atomic weapons.

Merced Sunstar - Forget ‘Borat’ — D.C. exhibit shows the real Kazakhstan - The first question might be, where is Kazakhstan? The second is, why go see an exhibit about it?

The answer is simple. Kazakhstan is basically unknown to Americans outside of the 2006 movie “Borat,” and has more to offer.

BBC - The problem with horses for courses - What’s fuelling the current outrage over mislabelled meat? As a string of movies have shown, people react strongly when they are served the unexpected. - Homeless Man's Honest Deed Rewarded with $16K donation - A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., made national headlines more than a week ago when he returned a valuable platinum and diamond engagement ring accidentally dropped into his cup of change by a woman offering some extra cash.


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