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Fifth of British shoppers are now buying less meat in wake of the horsemeat scandal. German spy chief says targets Russian, Chinese industrial espionage. Arab Spring Leads Authoritarian Leaders in Post-Soviet Space to Look to Moscow for Support.

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The Daily Mail - Fifth of British shoppers are now buying less meat in wake of the horsemeat scandal - British shoppers are cutting down on the amount of meat they eat as a result of the horsemeat scandal, according to a new survey.

The Telegraph - The coldest inhabited place on Earth - On 6 February 1933, a temperature of minus 67.7 degrees Celsius (−90 °F) was recorded at the weather station in Oymyakon in the Republic of Sakha, northeast Russia. This is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere, and is the lowest temperature ever recorded for any permanently inhabited location on Earth.

Reuters - German spy chief says targets Russian, Chinese industrial espionage - The head of Germany's military intelligence said in a rare interview that one of his main challenges was to protect defense projects from industrial espionage by the Chinese and Russian secret services.

The Washington Post - Ailing Hugo Chavez makes a surprise return to Venezuela - For many of Chavez’s supporters, his unannounced arrival led to fireworks and prompted his red-shirted supporters to celebrate at the hospital where he was convalescing and at the city’s main square, Plaza Bolivar.

RIA Novosti - Meteorite-Struck Region Asks State for $17 Million Aid - Russia's Chelyabinsk Region has asked the federal government to provide 500 million rubles ($16.6 million) aid to help repair damage after it was struck by a meteorite on Friday

Radio Free Europe - Osh Concert Seeks To Heal Ethnic Rift In Kyrgyzstan - Local Uzbek singers performed in the Babur Uzbek Theater in the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh as part of the "We Miss You" concert. The February 10 event was the first to include Uzbek singers since the city was rocked by deadly ethnic violence in 2010

Russia Today - US is major recipient of humanitarian aid from UAE - In an attempt to sway Americans’ low and undecided opinions about the United Arab Emirates, the UAE is providing millions of dollars of foreign aid to the US to rebuild schools and donate to nonprofits in storm-ravaged regions.

Window on Eurasia - Arab Spring Leads Authoritarian Leaders in Post-Soviet Space to Look to Moscow for Support - Even if conditions in post-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus are so different from those in the Arab world that a repetition of an Arab Spring there remains unlikely, the authoritarian rulers in these two regions are sufficiently nervous about popular unrest that they are looking to Moscow for possible support in the event of disorders.

Xinhua - China pledges support for Africa - Describing Africa as a continent of hope, Xi Jinping said the common development of China and Africa is of significance for the growth of developing countries as a whole, and helps to make international relations more democratic.

BBC - Diamond to shine light on infections - The UK's national synchrotron facility - the Diamond Light Source near Oxford - is to become a world centre for studying the structure of viruses and bacteria that cause serious disease.

Eurasianet - Uzbekistan TV Says Valentine’s Day Breeds Terrorists - Uzbekistan state television has claimed to find a correlation between Valentine’s Day and pretty much all the evils facing society at large, including religious extremism and terrorism.

Anadolu Agency - Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said "no power could break Turkey off Europe" - Ahmet Davutoglu underlined that "just as no power can break off Antep from Aleppo, no power can break off Edirne from Sarajevo, Skopje or even Berlin".

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