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Russia may be drawn into resource wars in future – army chief. At Pentagon, ‘pivot to Asia’ becomes ‘shift to Africa’. Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for record-breaking Earth pass

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Russia Today - Russia may be drawn into resource wars in future – army chief - By 2030, the level of “existing and potential threats will significantly increase,” Gerasimov said during a security conference in Moscow, according to Interfax.

Russian meteorite crash: LIVE UPDATES

Screen Daily - Harmony Lessons - At first director Emir Baigazin’s debut feature, set in rural Kazakhstan, seems to be shaping up to be yet another of those worthy world cinema titles in which families eke out a meagre living in a harsh landscape. But before long, Harmony Lessons turns into something far more rich and strange: an existential coming-of-age revenge movie.

The Daily Mail - Scare home: Destitute man moves into a 100-year-old GRAVE after losing his house - A homeless man has told how he began sleeping with the dead when he moved into a cemetery 15 years ago.

The Telegraph - NRA's Wayne LaPierre's gun warning for Obama: 'We don't want to be like England' - America's most prominent pro-gun activist has urged the country's shooters to fight efforts by President Barack Obama to make the US "like England" with tougher laws regulating firearms.

Reuters - Syrian opposition sets conditions for talks with Assad - The Syrian National Coalition opposition group is ready to negotiate a departure for President Bashar al-Assad with any member of his government who has not participated in the crackdown on the uprising, a high-level coalition member said on Friday.

The Washington Post - At Pentagon, ‘pivot to Asia’ becomes ‘shift to Africa’ - In his first term, President Obama instructed the Pentagon to pivot its forces and reorient its strategy toward fast-growing Asia. Instead, the U.S. military finds itself drawn into a string of messy wars in another, much poorer part of the world: Africa.

Xinhua - Chinese marine surveillance ships continue regular patrol surrounding Diaoyu Islands 

The Guardian - Israel admits it was holding Prisoner X after court eases gagging order - Prisoner who died in Israeli prison in 2010 held Australian and Israeli citizenship and is said to have been agent of the Mossad

BBC - Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for record-breaking Earth pass - An asteroid as large as an Olympic swimming pool will race past the Earth on Friday at a distance of just 27,700km (17,200mi) - the closest ever predicted for an object of that size.

The New York Times - Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address

Radio Free Europe - New York Composer Writes Requiem For Victims Of Zhanaozen Massacre - A requiem written for the victims of the deadly 2011 clashes in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan is set to premiere February 10 in Los Angeles, with performances in the coming months slated for Texas, New York, and Vermont.




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