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School in Kazakhstan Aims to Groom the Perfect Bride

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A new school has opened in Almaty to prepare perfect brides for discerning Kazakh husbands-to-be.

Bride School is teaching women all the skills they need to keep their men happy, reports Tengri News. Diligent students can go on to enter a competition for Kazakhstan’s best bride.

The skills deemed necessary to be the perfect kelin – Kazakh for bride – range from cooking to applying makeup to parading like a model.

“At the lessons the students will be able to learn to cook, parade, grasp the basics of makeup; there will be classes in family psychology – in how to understand your husband, for example,” Bella Satmyrza, the woman who runs the school, said. “We want to create our ideal of a real kelin – a modern girl who looks after herself, looks good, is educated and well-read, but at the same times pays attention to national traditions, habits, culture and cooking.”

The culinary classes will naturally involve cooking beshbarmak (“five fingers”), Kazakhstan’s signature dish of flat noodles with mounds of meat heaped on top. The cut of choice is horsemeat, currently the subject of controversy in Europe but beloved in Kazakhstan.

Satmyrza is bringing in experts to advise the girls on how to please their husbands, from a choreographer who worked on the recent Kazakh dance film Forbidden Dances to “experienced mothers” offering training in how to raise children.

The news that women are being groomed to be perfect brides is unlikely to go down well with women’s rights activists, who are concerned about domestic violence and bride kidnapping in Kazakhstan.

The school may not delight President Nursultan Nazarbayev, either, who singled out women’s rights and combating domestic violence as priorities in his state-of-the-nation address late last year.

The best performers at Bride School can enter a competition called Great Bride 2013 after completing the month-long course. It is not known if the perfect husband will be offered as a prize.

February 13 2013, 11:57

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