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Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympic Games / Kazakh Davis Cup success at Russia’s expense

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The Guardian - Pope Benedict XVI oversaw church drift into conservative authoritarianism - Following the charismatic and long-reigning John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger, the shy, elderly German academic, fond of cats and playing the piano, who had spent decades burrowing in the Vatican bureaucracy, was unlikely ever to set the Tiber on fire, let alone thrill the planet's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics – a sixth of the world's population.

The Daily Mail - Deputy headteacher quits job after being disciplined for clipping 'most badly behaved pupil in 40 years' - A dedicated teacher has quit his job after being subjected to a disciplinary hearing for allegedly assaulting an 'uncontrollable' pupil - despite being cleared in court of any wrongdoing.

The Daily Telegraph - Victoria's Secret models don't have to be good role models - Model Edie Campbell, who appears in Burberry campaigns, says Victoria's Secret models degrade women.

BBC - Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympic Games - Wrestling has been dropped from the Olympic Games from 2020 by the International Olympic Committee to make way for a new sport.

Russia Today - Kazakh Davis Cup success at Russia’s expense - “Money is a huge factor in tennis. A player needs to travel, a coach and good facilities in which to train. At that moment in Russia, there weren't that many good training bases available to the players, though things have changed since,” she says adding that “in Kazakhstan there are excellent facilities for the players, and the tennis federation is reaping the rewards”.

China Daily - More counting the cost of true love in China - Chinese spending on Valentine's Day has surpassed that in some Eastern European countries, according to a survey by Home Credit, a financial company with subsidiaries across the world, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus and China.




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