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Ballistic expert admits mistake in Chelakh's case

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Tuesday, February 5, during a tripartite online conference between an expert in Astana, Vladislav Chelakh in Taldykorgan court room and the military court in Almaty, it was identified that a ballistic expert had made a mistake in examination of the 9-mm bullet shell found at Arkankergen border post, which was destroyed in May 2012, allegedly by a 19-year old private Chelakh.

Such a confession outraged the judge.

After a short council the session continued under chairmanship of another judge. Having listened to 24 appeals submitted by Chelakh's lawyer Sarsenov he found no grounds to reject the previous judge.

Bakhytzhan Karamanov, the judge who had started the review of the appeal, returned to the court.

"The session continued in a tripartite online conference. The expert who conducted examination of the 9-mm shell found at the crime scene was questioned. Sarsenov asked him why at the beginning they were showing a shell with one marking and later they showed a shell with different marking alleging it was the same one. The expert admitted to making a mistake, says Svetlana Vaschenko, Chelakh's mother. - The judge outraged."

The story is about a 9-mm shell, allegedly fired from a pistol of captain Kereyev, Chelakh's commander. The materials read, private Aganas could have died from a shot from this weapon.

February 6 2013, 15:15

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