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Cops involved in rape in Kulsary

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Goulnazira Moukhtarova, the Head of Press Service of Internal Affairs Department, February 5, at a briefing informed that Amantai Kurenbekov, the Deputy Minister of RoK Internal Affairs arrived to Atyrau. He chaired the meeting where the rape of a 33-year old woman (the citizen of Taraz city) by two police officers in Kulsary was discussed.

The Head of the Zhyloi District Department of Internal Affairs - Serik Erboulekov, was relieved from his duties. The question is posed as to adequacy of his deputies and department heads for their positions. 

To recall, a 33-year old woman from Taraz city, temporality residing in Kulsary, was raped at a police station by two police inspector assistants and an employee of the district emergency response department on January 27. As is known now, she, prior to the incident had applied to police after being raped by a stranger on January 25.

Criminal case has been initiated against the three arrested officers as per the Article 120 (“Rape”) of the RoK Criminal Code.


February 6 2013, 11:35

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