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Another officer of Kazakhstan's border guard service has committed suicide.

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Kazakhstan's National Security Committee said on February 4 that deputy commander of Shonzha border post brigade, Captain M. Qadyralinov, committed suicide on his return from a border guarding shift at an outpost.

Investigations have been launched into the incident.

Qadyralinov is the second suicide by a border guarding service officer in the last several days.

On January 31, the chief of the Border Guarding Service Academy, Talghat Esetov, shot himself in his office.

On December, 27 officers of Kazakh Border Guarding Service were killed in a plane crash in Kazakhstan's south.

Also in December, a Kazakh border guard, Vladislav Chelakh, was sentenced to life in prison for killing 14 fellow border guards and a forest ranger in May.

February 5 2013, 10:16

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