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Mami disagrees with police arresting Pavlodar citizen for showing middle finger

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Chairman of Kazakhstan Senate Kairat Mami does not agree with the actions of the police officers who arrested a man for making an obscene gesture in the direction of his escort, KazTAG reports.

 “I am sincerely sorry for that guy who I don’t even know and who, I’m sure, doesn’t know me either. I am also confident that his gesture was not related to me personally or to the Senate. I don’t agree with the actions of the police officers who considered it an administrative violation. The action of the young man, of course, does not make him look good, but I don’t see any gross violation here,” Mami said speaking about the incident in Pavlodar.

 A young man showed the middle finger of his left hand to the escort of Kairat Mami passing along the ring road to Pavlodar airport on January 10. Pavlodar’s specialized administrative court ruled out to arrest the young man for 5 days.

February 5 2013, 09:58

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