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New hurdle for nuclear talks: Iran's presidential politics

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The Christian Monitor - New hurdle for nuclear talks: Iran's presidential politics (+video) - Iran's foreign minister said he was 'optimistic' about looming nuclear talks. But political sparring ahead of June presidential elections could stymie any deal-making  now.

GB Boxing - British Lionhearts look to qualify for the playoffs in home clash against group leaders from Kazakhstan - The British Lionhearts have a chance to guarantee a place in the knockout stages of the World Series of Boxing when they put their unbeaten home record on the line against the group leaders from Kazakhstan this Thursday (7 February 2013) at York Hall in London.

Tengrinews - Proud Russia remembers Stalingrad 70 years on - The city of Volgograd was renamed Stalingrad for a day Saturday as Russia marked the 70-year anniversary of a brutal battle in which the Red Army defeated Nazi forces and changed the course of World War II

The Guardian - Face of Richard III to be revealed - A computer image showing what the monarch might have looked like is to be released by the Richard III Society on Tuesday morning after experts said the skeleton unearthed in Leicester was proven "beyond reasonable doubt" to be that of the king who died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

Time World - Putin’s Commissar to Protect Russian Orphans — from Americans - As the most senior official on all matters concerning Russian children, Astakhov has been working overtime lately. Dapper and well spoken, with the made-for-TV looks of a long-lost Baldwin brother, he has become the chief advocate for Russia’s decision last month to ban U.S. citizens from adopting Russian children.

BBC - Sunshine may 'reduce arthritis risk' - Living in a sunnier climate may reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, according to US researchers.

The Independent - British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford caught smuggling cocaine in Bali 'could be executed within weeks' - Lindsay Sandiford, the British grandmother found guilty of smuggling drugs in Bali, could be executed by firing squad within weeks after Indonesia signalled its intention to resume state executions.


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