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Turkish company unites Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan

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Anadolu Agency - Turkish company unites Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan - Net Yapi, one of the affiliates of Nata Holding, united Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan with a 27-km railway it constructed in nine months.

Z Magazine - The World Bank Brings Nazarbayev University to Kazakhstan - As a result of deals shaped and brokered by the World Bank in 2009 and 2010, scores of academics flocked to the resource-rich, strategically located Central Asian country. They remain there despite the fact that every major international human rights monitor has cited the regime for its continuing abuse of civil liberties and basic freedoms.

The Irish Times - Hypocrisy is always on the menu when carnivores dine - As a roaring hypocrite, I am often asked: “How come you eat meat and still claim to be something of an animal-lover?” My usual response is to make comical, borderline-offensive “me no speaky English” noises until the interlocutor has left the room. I then settle back to my lovely sausages.

The Voice of Russia - ‘It is very important right now to call these Jihadist gunmen by their real name – terrorists’ - The situation in Africa and in the Middle East is predictable. On the one hand there are growing Jihadist forces (armed with European weapons); on the other hand there are the weighty economic and political interests of the EU and the US in both regions. Since the epoch of colonialism, the territories of Africa and the Middle East were in the sphere of vital interest for the Western countries (the European and subsequently also the US).

The Daily Mail - She is a fighter girl: Watch tiny Kazakh youngster's amazing boxing skills while training to be future champion - She may only be 4ft tall and barely seven years old, but you wouldn't want to mess with this pint-size powerhouse.


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