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Kazakhstan will not ban import of fuel from Russia – Oil Minister

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Sauat Mynbaev, the RoK Minister Oil and GasSauat Mynbaev, the RoK Minister Oil and GasBan on import of fuel from Russia will not be imposed in Kazakhstan, Sauat Mynbaev, the Minister of Oil and Gas said at a briefing in the Central Communications Service on Monday, reports IA Novosti-Kazakhstan.

“There will not be any ban on import of fuel from Russia. We are interested in fuel supplies from Russia.

With regards to whether we will hold control of them or not (such deliveries), this will be solved after ratification of the method which was signed in September last year in Pavlodar. According to that method, the sphere of fuel delivery by rail is subject to adjustment. Will we introduce any restrictions on import by railway transport or not? Most likely, we will not, but such opportunity is given, in case of ratification,” added the Minister.

Earlier, the Russian newspaper Kommersant wrote that the authorities in Kazakhstan were discussing the idea of stopping fuel supplies from Russia. According to the newspaper the Ministry of Oil and Gas prepared two options of the Government resolution: the first one states about the complete ban of high-octane gasolene and diesel fuel for half a year and the second one – about introduction of “quantitative restriction” for the same period.

February 4 2013, 14:55

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