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2nd pilot who should have been on crashed plane comments on possible causes

January 31 2013, 12:01

A 25-y.o. citizen of Karaganda told that her father was supposed to be on that fatal Kokshetau-Almaty flight as the second pilot, but was switched to another flight in the last moment, reports.

 The pilot-in-chief of the crashed plane Vladimir Yevdokimov and one of the flight attendants Irina Krivonossova worked with the young woman’s father for several years. “I will never believe that the crash was the crew’s fault,” she said. “57-y.o. pilot Vladimir Yevdokimov had a huge experience. He used to be an instructor for pilots 20 years ago and made over 1,000 flights since.”

 She called her father right after the accident and he named a possible reason of the plane crash. “My father says that the pilot asked for an emergency landing (in Almaty airports), but they we told to make the second round. They did not allow the landing (at the first approach). The planes are normally diverted to Karaganda airport in case of bad weather conditions in Almaty. But apparently they didn’t have enough fuel (to make it to Karaganda airport).”

 Meanwhile, the version of the fuel deficiency is not considered by authorities. Bad weather conditions are officially tagged the main reason behind the plane crash.

 On January 29 the Bombardier airplane owned by Scat airline crashed 7km from Almaty airport during the second attempt to land. According to the prosecutors, the plane was performing a Kokshetau-Almaty flight. The accident claimed lives of 5 crew members and 16 passengers.

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