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Kazakhstan may ban Russian oil products

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RFERL.ORG - 'A Real Man Must Stand Up' -- Kazakh Poet, Dissident Returns To Solitary Confinement - On January 31, prominent Kazakh dissident, author, and poet Aron Atabek will turn 60. Atabek will mark the milestone alone, in solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison in the city of Arkalyk, where he has just been transferred for the next two years.

THE MOSCOW NEWS - Kazakhstan may ban Russian oil products - Kazakhstan may ban or cut imports of Russian high octane gasoline and diesel fuel worth 40 billion rubles a year and increase supplies from China, Kommersant business daily reported on Wednesday.

EURACTIV.COM - EU-Kazakhstan relations must evolve. Oil is not the future - Oil extraction projects in Kazakhstan will continue to bring great benefits to Europe’s oil companies and Kazakhstan for decades to come but it cannot remain at the heart of EU-Kazakh economic relations, which have to evolve for the sake of Kazakhstan’s economy and the wider shared challenge of climate change, writes Erlan Idrissov.

EURASIANET.ORG - Kazakhstan: Lathering Up in Horse Milk - Horse-mad Kazakhstan will soon be bathing in mare’s milk if a group of researchers at an Almaty university get their way.

EAST SIDE BOXING - Group B table-toppers Kazakhstan travel to USA to meet Knockouts - Kazakhstan are flying high in WSB season with six wins from six and with such a powerful unit travelling to the USA, many expect them to extend that unbeaten streak even further. Anything less than a victory for the Knockouts will do, with quarter-final qualification impossible if they do not.

WORLD.TIME.COM - Is Kazakhstan Experiencing Its Own ‘Arab Spring’ Moment? - An unusual thing happened over the weekend in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and the vast Central Asian country’s major commercial city: roughly 500 people gathered in a protest.


January 30 2013, 12:09

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