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Kazakhstan: Second Fatal Air Crash Raises Safety Concern

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REUTERS.COM - Kazakhs eye return to debt markets with $1 bln in bonds - Government seeks cheaper cash to finance budget deficit

EURASIANET.ORG - Kazakhstan: Drink Beer, Save Eagles - With each sip, beer drinkers in Kazakhstan can now help their country’s endangered fauna. One of Kazakhstan’s major breweries is donating two tenge (about 1.3 US cents) to the protection of golden eagles with the purchase of each souvenir can of its Karagandinskoye Pivo.

III.CO.UK - Kazakh well failure hits Max's prospects - Max Petroleum (MXP) has added to its woes with the news that a well on its Tolegen West prospect in Kazakhstan has come up dry.

EURASIANET.ORG - Kazakhstan: Second Fatal Air Crash Raises Safety Concerns - Kazakhstan suffered its second fatal plane crash in just over a month on January 29, when a domestic passenger flight arriving in Almaty crashed in bad weather, killing all 21 people aboard.

January 29 2013, 15:35

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