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Creation of Turkic-speaking states free trade zone starts

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TurkPA Secretary General Ramil Hasanov, Photo: TurkPA Secretary General Ramil Hasanov, Photo: The process of preparing a document on establishing a Turkic-speaking countries free trade zone started. The issue of eliminating customs duties and creating tax free zones between the organisation's member states were the topics of discussions at TurkPA's second meeting of the committee on economic, trade, financial issues, TurkPA Secretary General Ramil Hasanov told Trend news agency on Monday.

"Many efforts are required to create a law on free economic zones," Hasanov said. "The main thing is that TurkPA will start this process."

TurkPA plans to hold the second meeting of the committee on economic, trade and financial issues in Kyrgyzstan in March, Hasanov said.

TurkPA was founded in Baku in 2009. The secretariat of the organisation is located in the city. The Secretariat comprises the secretary general, his deputies from Turkey and Kazakhstan and group of experts.

TurkPA includes Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The organisation's purpose is to strengthen relations between Turkic-speaking countries and to bring legislation in line with international standards.

January 28 2013, 15:51

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