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Cultural figures support transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script

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The head of the Mukhtar Auezov Foundation and a culture expert Murat Auezov reminded of the need to create a unified script for all Turkic nations. In his opinion, this will help form wider opportunities for consolidation of Turkic peoples living in different countries, reports a correspondent.

Mr Auezov thinks transition to Latin script in Kazakhstan will not be a difficult process.

"A commission [for transition] should ensure that we do everything to make it an unified alphabet for all Turkic peoples. Latin script will enable us to consolidate, otherwise, for Turkic peoples, it will be difficult to live in this age" he says.

He pointed out the increasing popularity of Latin script among Kazakhs of China.

According to the honored Kazakh actor Assanali Ashimov (on photo), translation of works created earlier from Cyrillic to Latin is not a must.

The most important thing is to concentrate on new creations.

"We should start from scratch. After 20 years a new generation will know it [Latin script] entirely" believes Mr Ashimov.

He also thinks Latin alphabet will make use of Internet easier for Kazakhstan people. 

According to Didar Amantai, a writer, transition program will take at least ten years.

He suggests to continue using Cyrillic letters at the same time.

He thinks it is also important not to forget learning the Russian and English languages.

Mr Amantai believes among the advantages of the change-over are easier integration to the global Internet and easier learning of foreign languages. The Kazakh language will enrich owing to cultural loans from Latin-writing countries.

A language expert commented the transition process - according to the Deputy Director of Baitursynov Linguistics Institute Anar Fazylzhanova, Kazakh government has provided enough time to transit the Kazakh alphabet to Latin.

She says, transition will last in three phases:

"Phase 1 will be a preparation stage, required to develop scientific principles of transition as well as to ensure legal, economical and social backup to this reform. At phase 2, I think, a state program and a step-by-step completion plan will be created. Within phase 3 they will proceed to actions - names of localities in Kazakh will be switched to Latin. Following this schoolbooks will be converted" Ms Fazylzhanova explains.

As is known, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in his speech of address to the nation last December, gave an order to start preparation for transition of Kazakh alphabet to Latin letters in 2025.


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