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Looks like a mammoth bone

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Posted on social network is news that the giant bone of an ancient animal has been discovered near the village of Esbol, Inder district by a local resident, Dosbol Baygabylov.

- “In our free time, we often visit the banks of the Ural. A few days ago, I saw something unusual and out of curiosity pulled it out of the sand. It was a huge bone, the largest I have ever seen. I brought it back to the village in a truck,” said Dosbol.

News of the unusual find spread quickly, and archaeologists arrived from Atyrau to collect the bone which weighed 26 Kilograms with a length of about one and a half metres.

Local archaeologist, Marat Kasenov stated – “In our area in previous years, mammoth bones were repeatedly found. An examination will show if this is a similar find. A special expedition will leave for the Inder district soon.


Photo from social networks.


September 28 2019, 13:31

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