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Death at pedestrian crossing: "fast and furios" in Atyrau?

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The driver of the vehicle which hit and caused the death of a 17- year old teenager at the Baimukhanov pedestrian crossing, has been placed in pre-trial detention center for the next two months.

  • 21 September, at the pedestrian crossing on Baimukhanov Street, a 22- year old driver of a Toyota Camry hit a 17- year old pedestrian, who died from his injuries at the scene of the accident. On the same day the driver was placed in a temporary detention centre. The next day the investigating court sanctioned the suspect being kept in custody as a preventive measure,-  stated the Press Service of the Regional Prosecutor’s office.

Meanwhile a video featuring on social network shows: a person halfway across a pedestrian crossing is hit by a Toyota Camry after walking in front of a Mercedes.

The Mercedes car which had been driven at excess speed was placed in the parking lot and the driver is being checked. Had a “Fast and Furious’ race been arranged in the City Centre?

Additionally, local social networks feature videos where the driver of the Toyota drives at high speed on the Airport highway. This issue should have been addressed by the Atyrau Region Police Department. Prior to this, several reports have been made of young people organising ‘drift races’ from the Parking lot at the Atyrau Airport up to Satpayev street.

Readers of ‘AZH’ will remember, after a number of reports in our publication and appeals from citizens, road patrol officers were placed on duty at the airport parking lot but were then stopped. Later it was reported that 143 million tenge from the local budget had been allocated for the installation of a cable fence in the middle of the airport route road. To date, nothing is known about the progress of the project.

Further to the tragedy, forensic examinations have been undertaken with the investigation of the case under the control of the regional prosecutor, Khalidolla Daueshov. The teenage boy will be buried tomorrow in his native land in Kulsary.

September 24 2019, 10:54

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