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Workers at Tengiz demand wage increase

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On 8 June, at Tengiz, approximately 100 workers at Sarens Kazakhstan company went on strike, demanding a salary increase.

Videos of the protesting workers at Tengiz quickly spread through social networks and on instant messenger. It became known to Ak Zhaiyk, that after negotiations, the workers were persuaded to disperse to the dormitories.

Later the press service of Atyrau region Akimat commented on the situation at Tengiz: “on 31 May the management of Sarens Kazakhstan received a collective appeal demanding a salary increase of 30 percent.

On 8 June, a group of workers at Sarens Kazakhstan LLP, while at the workplace, refused to start work demanding a salary increase.

According to the company, the salary of the employees varies from 275,000 tenge “in the hand” (minimum) to 700,000 tenge.

Employees of the Labour Inspection Department of the Akimat of the Atyrau region clarified the labour legislation and organised a meeting of the team with the management of the company.

During the meeting, the requests of the staff were heard, and the company management promised to consider their requirements in the manner prescribed by current legislation.

On 10 June, after the official holiday, employees of Sarens  Kazakhstan LLP will return to work.

June 9 2019, 12:35

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