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Our Atyrau Beauty

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The final of the ‘Miss Atyrau 2019’ beauty contest was won by 17-year-old Asylzhan Nuralina. Competition was tough with 17 other contestants vying for the title, each of whom have passed through the qualifying round. Aside from good looks, all contestants were required to sing, dance and break down and reassemble a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Asylzhan is still a school girl studying in the 11th grade of the secondary school named after Bekmukhambetov (Balykshi). In addition, judges awarded the title of ‘Vice Miss Atyrau’ to Kamilla Baymuratova and Roza Mayranova.
Asylzhan received a tour package to Germany and will represent our city in the ‘Miss Kazakhstan 2019’ pageant. Asylzhan, as in past competitions, has a good chance of bringing home a title. Last year local beauty, Alfiya Ersain, was recognised as the most beautiful in the republic.

by Nurbeibit Nugymanov

April 8 2019, 16:42

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