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“Daddy, stop, we are crashing!” UPDATE

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In the evening of March 29th, a Toyota Hiace car driving along Azattyk Avenue, collided with a Nissan Maxima car while turning towards Balykshi on the “Molecule” ring and drove into a vegetable pavilion afterwards. Behind the wheel of the Toyota was a drunk 32-year-old driver, with his wife and two children in the car. Even before the collision a video recorded the cries of his wife and children: “What are you doing, think about the children!” and “Dad, stop, we are crying!”. 

Photos of witnesses from social media

In the aftermath, the woman and the 7-year-old boy were examined by doctors and later discharged home, while the 4-year-old girl was hospitalized.

 And yes, this actually did happen. The driver of the Toyota Hiace was under the influence of alcohol. At the moment, our employees are waiting for the doctors' conclusions to make a procedural decision, - the press service of the Atyrau Oblast Police Department reported. 

As it became known to “AZh”, a pre-trial investigation has been launched against the driver of Toyota Hiace under Part 1 of Art. 345 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (driver’s violation of traffic rules, which resulted in moderately severe damage to human health).

by Farkhat Abilov

April 5 2019, 10:21

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