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2 years 6 months’ probation for a 19-year old who ran into three girls on pedestrian crossing

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Atyrau City Court sentenced a 19-year old driver who ran into three girls on Atyrau Plaza pedestrian crossing on Satpayev Avenue in August last year.

On the night of August 27th, Sultan Siguatov, who was travelling at a speed of 95km/h, ran down Akbota Sultangazina, Togzhan Manabay and Alnur Patshabekova at a pedestrian crossing. Sultangazina was killed as a result and Manabay and Patshabekova were seriously injured. The case was investigated under Part 3 of Art. 345 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Violation of the rules of the road by persons driving vehicles, resulting in the death of a person.

At the court hearing, Siguatov agreed to a plea bargain. He was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years 6 months’ probation. In addition, according to the verdict, he must pay reparation to the victim in the amount of 4 million 342 thousand tenge and a further 1 million tenge for moral damage. Damages for the other injured victims were not included in the court as the sentence has not yet entered into legal force.

March 3 2019, 17:05

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