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Court Proceedings against doctors from the Regional Perinatal Centre, where a woman in labour died.

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Criminal proceedings against doctors at the Regional Perinatal Centre have begun, in Atyrau City No. 2 Court. The doctors are charged under Part 3 of Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Omirgul Mailybaeva, older sister of Anargul who died in childbirth in July 2017 at the Perinatal Centre, spoke to ‘Ak Zhaiyk’.  Shetold, Anargul who was pregnant with twins and due to give birth on 9 July was taken to the regional hospital by ambulance. She was experiencing pains and was placed in the Pathology Department. That evening Anargul rang her sister asking her for help, saying no one had examined her. Omirgul reports her sister’s voice was really weak when she rang her the next morning to say she was being prepared for surgery. This was the last conversation Omirgul had with her.

Omirgul Mailybayeva

According to Omirgul, her sister gave birth to a boy and a girl weighing 3,200 and 3,700 kilograms, but Anargul, herself died. Omirgul stated “five children were left without a mother and I, without a sister. Doctors at the hospital told us she had a ‘thromboembolism’, but I didn’t believe it. We exhumed the body and it turned out she had suffered a ‘bacterial shock’. Perhaps she was infected during the operation”. Omirgul has conclusions from Astana experts and reports Anargul also sustained five broken ribs during an indirect massage. Omigurl said “I am afraid to imagine what it was like for her, my sister entered the hospital on her feet, and we took her home dead”.

Due to the absence of one of the lawyers, the first sitting was adjourned by Judge Zaure Kazakbay to another day.

by Nurgul Khairullina

January 24 2019, 14:38

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