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Arrest warrant issued for ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliev (UPDATED)

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Unofficial sources from law enforcement agencies advised Ak Zhaik that court sanctioned the arrest of Bergei Ryskaliev, ex-governor of Atyrau Oblast.

The warrant was issued on January 25. Our sources confirmed the information to Ak Zhaik adding that the warrant is linked to high-profile state budget embezzlement.

“There are specific details and evidence of Ryskaliev’s accompliceship in the embezzlement obtained by the investigation team from the other suspects,” the source said.

Currently his location is unknown.   

To recall, earlier several criminal cases were initiated in relation to government officials from Ryskaliev's team as well as a number of other managers of construction companies.

The following ex-officials are currently in custody: ex-first deputy governor Bulat Daukenov, ex-mayor of the city of Atyrau Askar Kerimov, and a number of other ex-heads of local departments.

Ex-governor’s brother and former member of the Majilis [Lower chamber of parliament] representing Ak Zhol party Amanzhan Ryskali and several other heads of private companies are currently wanted. (See Frontier guards know where the brothers are, Ryskalievs never crossed the border, Price of freedom: $150mln, All fled, fled for their lives…).


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Financial police issues arrest warrant for Bergei Ryskaliyev

Investigation and operations group of financial police filed charges against former governor of Atyrau Oblast Bergei Ryskaliyev within the criminal proceedings on corruption crimes in Atyrau Oblast.

January 23, 2012, Bergei Ryskaliyev was officially accused of budget embezzlement and abuse of power.

January 24, the court sanctions his arrest on which he is announced wanted.

Given this, as of today, there are 42 criminal proceedings initiated on corruption crimes committed by the officials of Atyrau Oblast administration together with contracting companies, which by doing so inflicted damage to the state of over T42.1bn.

Upon the above accusations, including involvement in organized crime, 9 people have been arrested, 6 under house imprisonment, 1 under written undertaking not to leave the place and 12 wanted.

Over the course of investigation, the investiation and operations group has scheduled 48 various expert examinations and plans to conduct another 27. By now detectives have interrogated 300 persons, carried on 50 searches and confiscated over 19,000 documents.

Measures to compensate damage to the state have been taken.

The state has received back 17 illegally privatized facilities, including facilities of gas supply to the city of Atyrau and six oblast districts; organizations; administrative buildings; cars and other special vehicles. 

The value of the returned property equals T23.4bn.

Aiming further recovery of the damage, investigation and operations group seized over 455 asset items, including 36 land plots, 63 primary and secondary facilities [administrative buildings, residential blocks, office buildings and apartments], 5 shares in charter capitals in commercial organizations, 197 vehicles, 144 items of various equipment, as well as 11 bank accounts that worth over T1.1bn.

Media service of the Kazakhstan Agency for Countering Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police)


Atyrau Oblast Court’s information

On January 24 a petition was placed to Atyrau City Court # 2 by T. Khassanov, the RoK head of investigation group, on the count of article 150 of the RoK Criminal Procedure Code for the pretrial detention of Bergei Ryskaliev, charged with crime provided for in article #307, part 4, #176 part 3, items “b and g” of the RoK Criminal Code.

The pre-trial investigation body accuses Ryskaliev in absentia in being the person, who while holding a responsible government position as Atyrau Oblast Governnor, has committed grave corruption crimes against public service and the government, having used the office powers contrary to the interests of service with a view of taking advantages and benefitting for himself and other persons, that entailed serious consequences in the form of essential infringement of interests of the society and the state protected by the law, as well as committed bad corruption crimes against property, using office position, by acting in cahoots with the other persons and repeatedly stealing in large scales the entrusted state funds.

A number of criminal cases have been uninitiated on the given facts and they all are now combined into one file.

By the decision of the Atyrau City Court # 2 effective September 24, 2013 the petition of the investigator in relation to accused Ryskaliev has been satisfied. Therefore, the court sanctioned his arrest for the period of 2 months from the date of detention.

Press-service of Atyrau Oblast Court


January 25 2013, 21:45

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