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Appeal to hunters to shoot dogs in Atyrau

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The topic of increase in the number of stray dogs in the oil capital was raised during the discussion at the  extraordinary session of the Atyrau city maslikhat held January 15. The head of the city department of Veterinary Medicine, Nurolla Satenov informed that the tender to shoot the stray dogs was awarded to the Private Enterprise (PE) “Zhaiyk”. Four shooters, using pneumatic rifles, shoot darts containing the highly toxic fast acting poison Adelin, killing between 80 and 85 dogs a day.

“This is not enough”, the chief veterinarian complained, the warm winter has seen an increase in breeding. Satenov has appealed to the Reginal Society of Hunters with a request to send all free shooters, the fee paid will be the same as for the employees of PE Zhaiyk.

At the same session, Akim of Atyrau City, Alimukhammed Kuttummuratuly, spoke about the city’s beaches. There will be no city beach in the Atyrau sports and recreation complex (FOK) this summer, there will however be a skate park. A tender is being organised for entrepreneurs to provide beach equipment in Zhilgorodok with an extension of the lease from 3 to 15 years.

Murat Sultangaliev

January 17 2019, 17:13

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