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Cannabis Might be Legalized in Kazakhstan

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Image 0Kazakhstan companies spend annually 100 million US dollars to import office paper. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan has an opportunity to make paper for itself. But, for this consumption, cannabis (non-narcotic) have to be legalized.

According to National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken, legalization of cannabis in the country saves the budget expenses and help to reduce the unemployment rate.

As Maxim Skrynnik, CEO of Kagaz Shahary SEZ, said, Kazakhstan buys office paper from Russia and Finland. And we spend average 30 billion tenges every year.

«Colleagues from agriculture sector prompted this idea for us. According to the recent research data, this idea will give us to create unique cellulose for all types of paper. It's also possible to use the cannabis to print banknotes of the national currency,» Mr. Skrynnik said.


February 29 2016, 13:12

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