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Kazakhstan checking whether teens killed in Washington shooting were adopted in Kazakhstan

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Image 0Kazakh diplomats continue to verify information on the teen victims of the recent shooting in the US state of Washington, that could have been adopted in Kazakhstan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anuar Zhaynakov said Sunday.

"Our diplomats continue to establish children's origin," the spokesman told RIA Novosti in an interview.

Meanwhile, the family of killed teens confirmed to RIA Novosti that they were adopted in Kazakhstan. "I can tell you at this point is that the two boys were adopted by my sister Lana in Kazakhstan," Jamie Nocula, sister of the murdered Lana Carlson, said. "It's a great loss to the world. She was an amazing mother."

On Friday, David Wayne Campbell, 51, from the state of Washington called the police and reported that he had shot two children, a woman and another person. The man shot himself hours after police had arrived. The county coroner identified three victims: Lana J. Carlson, 49, Quinn Carlson, 16, and Tory Carlson, 18.


February 29 2016, 10:39

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