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“Huawei launches new 2-in-1 style", “EU to launch action plan to develop superfast 5G mobile network" , 'Sing' Trailer: It's Like If 'Zootopia' Was About 'American Idol', “Egyptian toddler sentenced to life in prison"

5 169 просмотрs “Huawei launches new 2-in-1 style" - Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei launched a 2-in-1 product that combines the mobility of a smartphone and productivity of a laptop at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, marking the firm's latest step to expand its consumer business. The device, called the Huawei MateBook, retails from 799 euros in the European market and $699 in the US market. It will be made available across international markets from April onwards through both retail and e-commerce channels. The core device of the MateBook is a tablet with a detachable keyboard much like Apple's iPad Pro, and runs Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10. “EU to launch action plan to develop superfast 5G mobile network" - The European Union said it will launch an action plan to develop 5G mobile networks which will massively speed up Internet connections, in an effort to avoid falling behind other regions. "The commission will work together with the industry to prepare a coordinated 5G action plan for the Europe," EU Digital Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said at the Mobile World Congress, the world's biggest mobile fair, in Barcelona. 'Sing' Trailer: It's Like If 'Zootopia' Was About 'American Idol' - In just a few weeks, Disney's Zootopia will whisk us off to a land that's at once familiar and strange, that imagines our everyday universe as it might look if it had been designed, built, and populated entirely by animals. As of now, that's the only trip there that Disney is offering — there are no plans yet for a Zootopia 2. But if you're eager to immerse yourself in another animal kingdom, Illumination Entertainment's got you covered with Sing. “Egyptian toddler sentenced to life in prison" - - A 4-year-old boy in Egypt has been sentenced to life in prison in a case of mistaken identity. The boy's name is Ahmed Mansour Qorany Sharara — the same name as the 16-year-old boy the Egyptian military court meant to sentence. According to CNN, the sentencing was part of a mass trial involving 116 defendants. The court found them all guilty of killing three people and damaging public property during a protest in January 2014.

February 24 2016, 17:07

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