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​TCO spent USD 2 bln 400 mln for local procurement in 2015

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Image 0Tengizchevroil LLP operating at Tengiz and Korolevskoye deposits in Atyrau region spent 2 bln 400 mln U.S. dollars for purchase of Kazakhstani goods and services in 2015, Kazinform learnt from the company's press office.

“As for the history of procurement of goods and services from local suppliers, we have spent 20 bln U.S. dollars for this purpose since 1993. Over this period, the share of local residents among our employees has made 86% against 50% in 1993. The share of Kazakhstani managers in the company reached 74% out of the total number of managerial workforce," said a representative of the TCO press office.


February 16 2016, 11:25

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