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Don’t Mess With Grandma! 90-Year Old Woman Helps Catch Thug

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Image 0A 90-year old Russian babushka managed to help police arrest a criminal who assaulted her by grabbing his mobile phone during the scuffle.

Valentina Kiyashova, a WWII veteran living in the Siberian city of Bratsk, was mugged after she left a convenience store: the culprit asked her for some spare change and tried to snatch the money when she opened her purse.

However, even though the criminal managed to flee with his prize after a brief scuffle, the elderly woman managed to snatch his cellphone during the struggle. She immediately rushed to the nearest police precinct and law enforcement officers were able to use the device to quickly identify and detain the perpetrator.

Source: sputniknews

February 5 2016, 16:12

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