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"​How Much Global OilOutput Halted Due to Low Prices? Just 0.1%", “Conquering opera peaks”, “Kazakhstani consumers will not be misled by foreign manufacturers"

2 361 просмотрs "How Much Global Oil Output Halted Due to Low Prices? Just 0.1%" - After a year of low oil prices, only 0.1 percent of global production has been curtailed because it's unprofitable, according to a report from consultants Wood Mackenzie Ltd. that highlights the industry's resilience. The analysis, published ahead of an annual oil-industry gathering in London next week, suggests that oil prices will need to drop even more -- or stay low for a lot longer -- to meaningfully reduce global production. “Conquering opera peaks"- Saltanat Akhmetova , Leading soloist of Astana Opera theater is successfully performing on both home and foreign correspondent talked to the theater prima Saltanat Akhmetova.

“Kazakhstani consumers will not be misled by foreign manufacturers"- It concerns advertising of brands. EEC member (Minister) for Competition and Antitrust Regulation Nurlan Aldabergenov told an enlarged session of the Justice Ministry about intended steps in Kazakhstan, forbidding foreign firms to mislead Kazakhstan consumers, reports.

February 5 2016, 15:48

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