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​13 mln tons of oil to be extracted at Kashagan after 2017

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Image 0The Kashagan oil field to be launched in Kazakhstan this year, Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Vladimir Shkolnik told at the CCS press conference.

"We plan to launch the Kashagan oil field this year. The Kashagan project will begin to contribute to the total oil production since next year," V. Shkolnik noted.

According to him, production at the Kashagan oil field will initially total 7 million tons, then 11 million tons and then it is expected to be at the level of 13 million tons.

"Thus, we expect a slight fall in the oil production this year and prepare for the next year. However, the production will be only growing since next year," V. Shkolnik told.

As the minister told, it is planned to extract 77 million tons of oil in Kazakhstan this year.


January 15 2016, 17:13

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