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Kazakhstan will mine less oil in 2016

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Image 0Kazakhstan mined 79,4 million tons of oil in 2015, at the plan of oil production for 79 million tons. Slightly our oil industry companies tried to be ahead of schedule. For 2016, we plan to take into account the exhaustion of fields and mine 77 million tons, Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik told in the briefing held in Central Communications.

«This year, we will start, thinking carefully, the Kashagan project. Kashagan will take a part in the contribution to the overall balance of oil from the next year. Firstly, it will provide 7 million tons of oil, then after a year period, be planned to mine 11 million tons.In 2018, Companies in Kashagan set up to 13 million further tons. Therefore, we plan to produce a less oil this year,» Mr. Shkolnik added.

«After that production will grow,» he assured.

As earlier reported, the first vice-Minister of Energy Uzakbai Karabalin declared that to mine 79-80 million tons of oil is planned to the next year, if the price per barrel will grow till 50 dollars. If the price goes around 40 dollars, Kazakhstan decline producing till 77 million.


January 15 2016, 16:15

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