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Kazakhstan president says any trade discrimination towards Ukraine unacceptable

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Image 0President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday held a telephone talk with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, a press service of Ukrainian president reported.

"Kazakh side confirmed its stance on implementation of current bilateral and multilateral agreements with Ukraine so that not to admit any discriminating measures in Ukrainian-Kazakh trade [relations]," reads a report posted on the president's website.

The sides made a special focus on the situation, which unfolded around Russian embargo imposed on the Ukrainian goods and a ban on transit.

"Poroshenko stressed that such kind of Russia's actions violate Vienna Convention on the law on international agreements, as well as respective rules and norms of World Trade Organization (WTO). In this view the leaders of the state discussed the ways to arrange a transit of the Ukrainian goods meant to counteract a negative impact of Russia's actions on commodity turnover between Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as Asian states," reads a report.

According to the report, the leaders also discussed a course of implementation of the agreements, which have been reached following the visit of Ukrainian president to Astana in October 2015 and the prospects for intensification of cooperation in the sectors strategically important for both states.

Poroshenko and Nazarbayev discussed a situation in Donbas, in particular, an initiative of the Ukrainian side to unfold international peaceful contingent on the occupied territories.

The press service also added that the presidents charged foreign policy offices of two states to start preparations for the visit of Nazarbayev to Ukraine.

January 13 2016, 04:29

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