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​In West Kazakhstan businessman transfers multimillion business to employees

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Image 0In the history of the Kazakhstan entrepreneurship there is an unprecedented case. The businessman from the West Kazakhstan Oblast Barlyk Mendygaziev, the owner of Karachaganak Support Service LLP whose assets cost tens of millions of dollars, yesterday, on December 29, publicly refused from his own business in favor of his employees.

These people now became co-owners of the multimillion enterprise. However, there were no traces of happiness on the employees. On the contrary, the employees are upset and worried. Their manager Barlyk Menydygaziev, the owner of the service company "Karachaganak Support Service" at the meeting with the employees announced that he transfers his company to the possession of his employees.

According to the businessman, it is a forced measure, otherwise the company maybe closed and more than one hundred employees would lose their jobs. Their major customer was the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating company is the operator of one of the largest oil-gas condensate fields in the world. But when businessman started to assist people from notorious Beryozovka village, access to tenders for him was practically closed, says Barlyk Mendygaziev.

"All business in the region is oriented to Karachaganak field. And if you speak about ecological pollution, then you throw a stone into the garden to these companies. And they react in the following way: "Oh, that's who you are, you won't receive any more contracts!" It affected my companies "KSS" and "KSS building" in such a way, that they simply went out of business. There was only "Karachaganak Support Service" left and it was blocked. It is blacklisted" - says Mendygaziev.

According to Zhangeldy Suleimanov, the businessman's lawyer, as the result if this - 180 employees will become shareholders of the company. Shares will be distributed depending on the years of service. The transaction is planned to be completed within 2 months. According to the estimates of independent experts, the enterprise costs about 40 million dollars.

The businessman started to have problems much earlier. In 2012 the businessman opposed the construction of oil waste storage in Yanvartsevsky rural district of West Kazakhstan Oblast. From the press they learnt that the construction was planned near the unique pool of fresh water protected by UNESCO.

As the result, the construction activities were stopped. But after that incident, the company started to have problems. There were audits, one after another. During the audits the tax authorities revealed violations for the amount of more than 130 million tenge. Even criminal case was initiated against the businessman for tax evasions.

The court ruled that the businessman should pay the fine and was suspended from business activity for a period of one year. Then Barlyk Mendygaziev announced that persecutions against him were organized by the Governor of the West Kazakhstan Oblast Nurlan Nogaev.

Now Barlyk Mendygaziev intends to get engaged in public activity and to continue fighting against corruption. It is known that the businessman has also business in America.

Of course, such compelled self-elimination of businessmen will not be traceless. After all, business pays taxes and creates workplaces. And if during economic crisis the businessmen will leave business activity because of pressure, especially from government bodies, says Barlyk Mendygaziev, it will certainly affect the economy of Kazakhstan, that is currently going through serious difficulties.


Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

December 30 2015, 16:54

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