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Agreement On Protection Of Labor Rights Signed In Kazakhstan

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Image 0In Mangistau region of Kazakhstan, there was signed a memorandum on protection of labor rights of workers of oil and gas industry. The ceremony was participated by the regional leadership and several major companies operating in the province, as reported by the press service of the regional administration.

The parties to the agreement were the Magnistau province administration, Karazhanbasmunai, Ozenmunaygaz, Mangistaumunaigas, a subsidiary of Buzachi Operating Ltd, and trade unions of these companies.

More than 80 percent of the total oil production in the region – about 15 million tons per year – accounts for the said four companies, while the overall annual production of oil in Mangistau region is about 18 million tons.

Head of Mangistau province Alik Aidarbayev said, “Currently, our common task is to take all necessary measures to ensure stable operation of all enterprises in the region. And the signing of these memoranda is only a fraction of our responsibility before the country's population. The four signatories of the memorandum provide employment for about 20,000 people."

The purpose of the document lies in ensuring stable operation of the oil production facilities, supporting Kazakh producers, preserving jobs and protecting the interests of workers in Mangistau province.

The memorandum takes into account the commitments of all the participants of the labor process: employers, government agencies, and representatives of labor collectives.

It is the founding document in terms of complex interactions in taking measures aimed at ensuring employment of the personnel and increasing the proportion of local content in services, works and procurement of goods.


December 30 2015, 00:00

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