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The LRT to carry more than 60 thousand passengers per day in Almaty

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Image 0The LRT will carry more than 60 thousand passengers a day in Almaty. These data were presented in the framework of the signing of the agreement between the Centre of Almaty and consultants Consortium IDOM and Norton Rose to start preparing a concession for the construction of the line light rail (LRT) length of 22.9 km.

According to the akimat of Almaty, in 2020, the LRT will transport around 62 thousand passengers a day.

"The route will run from the depot in an industrial zone on the street. B.Momyshuly, Tole Bi, Panfilov area "Astana" Makatayev and Zhetysu. In addition, the envisaged extension of the route towards the West Bus Station and the subway station after the final prospectus Raiymbek from B.Momyshuly to Auezov, "- said in a statement.

In accordance with the Program of development of "Almaty - 2020", the project will ensure the development of the surrounding areas, including the business sector. In addition, the positive impact on the discharge of the main streets (up to 25 ths. Cars every day), as well as environmental conditions. Thus, the LRT will be one of the fundamental factors in the transition to a "green" economy.


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