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“Which Professions Are The Most Highly Paid In Kazakhstan?”, Oil price: does benchmark parity mark the turning point in slump?", "Turkey faces full-scale armed conflict in its southeast", “Kyrgyzstan Struggles with Rise of Female Islamists”

1 953 просмотрs “Which Professions Are The Most Highly Paid In Kazakhstan?" - Kazakhstan's media have drawn up a rating of the most highly paid professions in the republic. Same as in previous years, the mining industry remains the undisputed leader in terms of wages. Thus, professionals engaged in the oil and gas sector can expect an average monthly labor remuneration in the amount of KZT197,926. However, the industry is currently facing big problems with employment: even highly skilled workers often cannot find a job. Today, more that six CVs account for each vacant position. In other words, Kazakhstan's labor market has long been experiencing a glut of specialists in the oil and gas industry. “Oil price: does benchmark parity mark the turning point in slump?"- US oil is trading at the same level as its international counterpart for the first time in at least five years. The latest in a long line of significant twists in the oil price saga took place yesterday when the US benchmark briefly traded higher than its international counterpart. "Expert: Turkey faces full-scale armed conflict in its southeast" - The Turkish and US leaderships will have to forget about Syria soon as the civil war in the Kurdish-populated regions of southeastern Turkey will gain momentum, an expert predicts. Turkey may be on the verge of a civil war that will destabilize the situation in the country for years ahead, Semyon Bagdasarov, director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia, told TASS on Wednesday. “Kyrgyzstan Struggles with Rise of Female Islamists" - When police searched Dilorom's house and arrested her for possession of banned religious literature in early 2012, the event shocked her small town in southern Kyrgyzstan. Dilorom, a retired 57-year-old former communist functionary and mother of three, led a quiet life and enjoyed the respect of her neighbors because she gave free lessons on the tenets of Islam to local women and girls. Adding to the intrigue, upon her release Dilorom (not her real name) suddenly disappeared.

December 24 2015, 10:12

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